Senior Spotlight: Madi Beadle


Name: Madi Beadle

First year at Ascension: Junior year

Favorite teacher at Ascension: She says, “My favorite teacher is Ms. Sellers because she’s been so supportive of me and my art, and she is just really positive and helpful to anyone that needs it.”

Future plans: She is not sure where she wants to attend college yet but she hopes to become a psychiatrist, and one day open up her own animal shelter.

Maddi loves art and is proud of her accomplishments:

She is focused in the arts and especially enjoys singing and drawing. She says, “I really enjoy everything involved in the arts and it is a major part of my life.” Maddie also explains that she is proud of herself for maintaining high grades throughout the years and especially high school. She also has always strived to stay true to herself and her character. She says, “I have always been told to be myself and never follow the crowd by my parents, and I think I’ve done a good job in becoming my own person.”