Senior Spotlight: Laurel Guidry

Senior Spotlight: Laurel Guidry

Name: Laurel Guidry

Grade Started at Ascension: Freshman Year

Favorite Teacher at Ascension: Mrs. Bourque because she is “patient when I have questions or need help with anything. She is also very understanding and reasonable. When you are talking to her, you can see that she truly loves her students and her job.”

Future Plans: Laurel plans to spend her summer by participating in an internship program as a leader in training at Camp Ozark. After, she will be attending Louisiana State University in the fall of 2018 and looks forward to majoring in accounting.

Favorite Ascension Memory: Laurel said that one of her favorite Ascension memories was when she fell down the stairs on her first day of school. She said, “It was so embarrassing! It was my first day and I did not know anyone. Now, I just look back on it to laugh and see how far I have come.”

Laurel has views on Ascension:

Laurel expressed that Ascension is not like any of school she has been to. She said that the “accepting environment allows students to fully be themselves and creates a wonderful atmosphere where people can be independent.” She ends by saying, “I love it here and do not want to graduate.”