Senior Spotlight: Caroline Frentz


Name: Caroline Frentz

Grade started at Ascension: Kindergarten

Favorite teachers at Ascension: Mrs. Meloche and Ms. Kallie Broussard

Future plans: Going to Washington D.C. at George Washington University, majoring in journalism and mass communications, and also minoring in theatre (if she has time). She plans to settle down in a penthouse overlooking Central Park, in the busy state of New York with her dashing husband Ryan Gosling, and a French bulldog as a child. She will live the lavish life of a famous journalist and a best selling author.

Fun facts about Caroline:

Something no one knows about Caroline: she doesn’t eat double stuffed Oreos, only normal Oreos, and if they are double stuffed she will take the icing out.

Her role model: Carrie Bradshaw, because of her shoe closet, of course.

What motivates her: Pepperoni pizza from Alesi on Johnston Street

What she looks for in a future soulmate: A good jawline (absolutely), a good sense of humor, and someone who will eat the extra stuffing out of her double stuffed Oreo

Favorite thing about Ascension: The fact that you can do everything… especially how you can show up to cheer practice with stage makeup on and hair rollers in your hair and not be questioned.

Her favorite pair of shoes: She responded with “my pink vans, they’re iconic. Oh and I’m also wearing llama socks so thats pretty cool.”

Olivia Matherne wanted to add that she and Caroline have been the best of friends ever since Caroline threw up her chili cheese hot dog onto Olivia’s lap on the bus ride home in the third grade.