Senior Spotlight: Alexis Cortez


Name: Alexis Cortez

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K 3

Favorite Teacher at Ascension: Coach Whitt because he constantly gives her great life advice and gives her all the best food recommendations

Future Plans: After high school Alexis plans to attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette and obtain a degree in education. She plans to eventually find her way to law school and become a lawyer.

Here is one of Alexis Cortez’s favorite memories at Ascension:
“One of my favorite Ascension memories is when me and Maddie Blackstone went to school Sunday afternoon to find an antique 1940s synthesizer that my teacher had thrown out. We had to climb into the trash filled dumpster and dig through three dumpsters worth of trash. We kept getting our clothes caught and are legs scraped by sharp metal objects. I remember Maddie said, “What would happen if the dumpster truck came?” Moments later as I was digging through the trash, Maddie said, “you’re not going to believe this.” I peered out of the dumpster door and saw a dumpster truck barreling into the school parking lot. I kept trying to jump out of the dumpster but I was stuck and the truck driver had to help me out. Then the truck driver hopped in the dumpster with ease and began looking for the antique. After like 2 hours, we finally found it….technically the truck driver found it but we like to take the credit.”