Senior Spotlight: Sydney Smith


(Image courtesy of Danny Duck Photography)

Name: Sydney Smith

Grade Started at Ascension: Kindergarten

Favorite Teachers at Ascension: Mrs. Horton, Mrs. Gibson, and Mrs. Walker

Future Plans: Sydney plans on attending Auburn University and majoring in either industrial engineering, industrial design, or architecture.

Let’s play a quick game with Sydney:

  1. What’s something that no one knows about you?
    • I make and sell my own jewelry and sell it on Etsy!
  2. If you could be one celeb, who would you be?
    • Carrie Underwood
  3. Would you rather: have no arms or no legs?
    • No arms. My legs are more useful.
  4. Would you rather: lose all of your hair or lose all of your teeth? (no wigs or veneers allowed)
    • I’d rather lose all of my teeth. I’ll just drink smoothies.

Sydney is the MOST involved:

If the answers to those not-so-random questions didn’t give you enough insight about Syd’s crazy life, I’ll help you out. You can often find her killing it on the field, the court, the mat, the track…. am I missing anything? I feel like I’m missing something. Sydney is obviously super involved at school, but that’s not the only awesome thing about her! She is an extremely caring person; she goes to great lengths to make sure that you’re having a good day and will definitely cheer you up if you’re not. She’s also super funny – ask anyone. Syd is the kind of person that everyone loves to be around and I’m so glad to have her as part of the senior class!