Senior Spotlight: John Wyatt Hinds


Greer Leleux, Staff Writer

Name: John Wyatt Hinds

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K 3

Favorite Teacher at Ascension: Mrs Lad because she has “prepared [me] for all the papers I will have to write throughout college as well as gives it to you straight forward and does not sugar coat anything she tells you. I had Mrs Lad three separate times throughout high school as well as my 8th grade year, so we have both learned a lot about each other over these years and gotten to know each other really well. She is always someone I can go to for help on papers or even personal problems because she understands me after having me for so many years.”

Future Plans: After high school John Wyatt plans to attend either Auburn University or The Masters University in California and Major in finance. His goal is to eventually run his own business with his dad.

Here’s what John Wyatt has to say about his time at Ascension:

“My time at Ascension can easily be described as a sort of adventure. Everyday has something new to learn, new to show you, and new experiences you don’t get at an average school. Ascension never fails to surprise you with things that happen only at Ascension. Not everyday can you see someone arrive at school in a helicopter, but at Ascension it is no big deal. The relationships built and memories made at Ascension will last a lifetime.”

John Wyatt is a really cool dude who spends a large amount of money on shoes because they look cool, wears the same hat for so long that people can identify him from it, and who has spent time in Africa for the last four summers ministering to the children in the communities. During his time at Ascension, he has played football, soccer, basketball, and been on the track and powerlifting team. Overall, he is a pretty great guy and a key member of the Ascension community.