Senior Spotlight: Sage Hebert


Name: Sage Hebert

Grade started at Ascension: Freshman year

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Jenny Guidry, even though it is her first year having Mrs. Guidry, because she makes her class personal by making you feel more connected to your work instead of just drawing to draw. Sage also said “She is the cutest, goodnight!”

Future plans: Sage plans on attending UL next fall and will most likely major in nursing. After college, she would like to start using her practice in labor and delivery sectors. Her backup plan is to major in kinesiology and either go into fitness training or become a dietitian.

Sage’s views on Ascension have changed a bit:

Sage said that her life at Ascension has changed a lot since she arrived freshman year. At first, she was not really involved, kept to herself, and did not reach out very much. She said that this year has been her absolute favorite thus far because she loves coming to school and seeing everyone. She also feels much more involved, understands more, and truly believes the teachers and administration are here to help and care so much. Sage used to be very impatient for waiting for graduation to come and thought she would be happy to leave, but now she is so thankful for the experiences and opportunities that Ascension has given her. She could not be more thankful that her parents forced her to come here back in 2014. She was hesitant to come into a completely new environment at first, but now would not have it any other way because this is her home. Being surrounded by familiar faces and those she considers family have made high school better. She loves that our school is small because she feels very connected to everyone and loves her Ascension family so much! She also wanted to include that her favorite color is pink and “peace out”.