Senior Spotlight: Emily Floyd


Name: Emily Floyd

Grade Started at Ascension: She has been at Ascension since the beginning. She only left one year in first grade and went to Fatima.

Four Favorite Teachers at Ascension: Ms. Richards, or rather, Mrs. Bayard now, her third grade teacher; Mr. McClymont, who taught her Fine Arts Survey and Drama when she was a freshmen; Mr. Sierveld, who has taught her photography for the past three years; and Coach McCullough, who taught her history eighth grade and junior year

Future Plans: She wants to become an occupational therapist.  She has worked with occupational therapists before and one had the same condition as her and taught her how to deal with it.  She feels like she could help people through personal experience, like she did.

Here’s what Emily had to say about her performance during the Homecoming Concert:

“I was very nervous before my performance because it was my first time singing a solo in front of a bunch of people.  I was supposed to sing the same song about a year ago for a fundraiser, but I got up on the stage, blanked, and ran off stage.  I was determined to not let that happen again and to sing that song.  The first thing I heard when I walked on stage was the crowd cheering.  When I started singing, I heard the choir kids in the bleachers all start to cheer.  The cheering makes the nervousness go away and it fuels your singing.  There’s nothing like it.”

Emily said that her favorite thing at Ascension is being involved in choir and drama.