Senior Spotlight: Brady McBride


Name: Brady McBride

Grade Started at Ascension: Senior Year

Favorite Teacher at Ascension: Ms. Roberts, though there are a few contenders

Future Plans: He plans on majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Anthropology at University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Here’s a little something that shows Brady’s life at Ascension:

Brady enjoyed a debate in theater while dressed as a crustacean. He claims that he would’ve won too, but then someone brought in “a hippy with a college education… from out of class”. He still argues that they should’ve been disqualified. The upside, though, is that the crawfish costume that Brady was wearing won the costume contest for homecoming week!

When asked about his favorite thing about Ascension, he said that he enjoys the people and everyone’s genuine kindness, saying, “I feel like I’m actually known here, rather than in the background like everywhere else, which is nice too.”