Senior Spotlight: Kate Jones


Name: Kate Jones
Grade started at Ascension: Halfway through sophomore year
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Sorrell
Favorite memory: One day Ella and I were kind of delirious and thought that laying on the ground during lunch was the funniest thing in the world.
Future plans: Though I have no plans about where to go to college I plan on majoring in animal sciences with a concentration in pre-vet. I aspire to become a zoo veterinarian one day.

One of Kate’s major passions is theater and choir, and she has been involved in the arts her entire life. She has been so heavily involved in theater that she often calls it her “sport.” She participates in CYT as well as school productions, and has been in at least 35 productions throughout her life. When asked about this passion, Kate said, “I love theater and music because it is a universal language. No matter who you are, you can connect to the arts, therefore connecting yourself to me, and that is the most beautiful thing in the entire world.”

Just because she loves theater doesn’t mean that it’s all Kate loves. When asked to list her favorite things, she mentioned things like Shirley Temples, pasta, fall, Halloween, Caroline’s Cookies, cookies and cream pocky, reading, old childhood movies, Disney, Universal, hot tea, and snow leopards. Another thing that she really loves is animals and says that they have been the only constant in her life. She described her love of animals by saying, “They don’t treat you differently if you are different. They look at you without bias and without a filter.” Kate is obsessed with her cat, Birdie, who rekindled her love and passion for animals. It’s because of her cat that she discovered what she wants to do with her life, becoming a zoo veterinarian.