Thanksgiving Feast


This year ascension hosted their annual Thanksgiving Feast this Tuesday. From turkey to mash potatoes to delicious mac-n-cheese, the feast had a variety of foods that delighted everyone’s stomach. Not only were we able to feast, we were also able to wear sweaters and jeans. Senior Amelia Morgan said “It was fun to wear something different than our uniform. Everyone looked very cute in their jeans and sweaters.” The school decorated the gym, pavilion, and outside area like a thanksgiving feast. There were small tables that fit four people and were socially distanced.    

The Feast was a little bit different this year with more than half of the seniors missing, but it still was one of the most memorable days for the Seniors. Andre Perron said “It was one of my favorite days of the school year. Our last Thanksgiving Feast was one to remember and it’s still crazy to me that we don’t get to celebrate that fun family dinner with our Blue Gator family next year. I’ll miss it so much but it was a blast for the last go-round!.”

The most popular dish at the feast was the mashed potatoes; they were gone once all of the grades were served. Another student favorite was the rice dressing and the rolls. Senior Andre Perron commented, “Everyone in my class loved the dressing and rolls and wanted to go back for more.” The Thanksgiving Feast was a success and everyone was grateful that the SMP Thanksgiving Feast happened safely.