Feasting For Thanksgiving


Our annual Thanksgiving Feast took place on Tuesday, November 19 this year! Ascension students were all ecstatic to enter the gym with empty stomachs and grateful hearts. I personally was not only excited to eat amazing food, but I enjoyed the set up in the gym. Usually students eat wherever they want, but this year faculty and students dedicated time to set up tables and arrangements inside the gym. Each table was delicately decorated with a flower centerpiece and placemat for each person. Everybody had their own bottles of water already set up and in place for them along with silverware wrapped in a napkin. I was very appreciative of this setup and the work everybody put in to create this thankful atmosphere. With all of the Thanksgiving festivities going on around campus, students were anxious to take part in this feast.

Now, enough about the tables, let’s talk about something we all care about…food. The food was traditional and heart-warming to say the least. Senior Emma Gautreau said that “the food was delicious and satisfying.” I am so appreciative to be part of a school that nonetheless hosts Thanksgiving Feasts, but also encourages parents to generously cook for us. The turkey was by far one of my favorites we have ever had at Ascension. 

Lastly, let’s discuss the class competition and how it impacted the seniors’ last feast. The class competition was designed for every grade level to collect canned food and form a creative sculpture out of it. The grades were assigned to create a sculpture that replicated a toy or game. Each grade level participated greatly and was very successful in their sculpture making. The juniors won the competition for their “Hungry, Hungry Hippo” sculpture. All the grades put effort into their designs and displayed a great amount of creativity and generosity.