Frenchie Takeover!


During 2018 Thanksgiving break eight students went to France to participate in a French exchange student program. For the first four days, these students went stayed in Paris to do all of the tourist things. Then they traveled an hour and a half away to Dijon, France, where their correspondent was waiting for them. During the day, they would adventure throughout the city with their correspondent, and Coach Dardar and Mrs. Fournet tagging along. They stayed in Dijon for five days and stayed with their correspondents and their family.

On October 12th, it was the Frenchies turn to come to America. Fifteen French students flew from Dijon, France to Lafayette, Louisiana. They first flew into New Orleans for the weekend and came to Lafayette the following Monday. The host families had dinner at school so that we could meet them and for them to meet our families. During the week,  they would explore Lafayette while we went to school. On Thursday, the hosts got to go to Baton Rouge with them and tour the state capital. 

The following weekend, the students who traveled to France previously had free time to spend with their correspondent. For the most part, the Ascension students all stuck together so that the French students were with someone that they knew. We took them to some of the restaurants that they don’t have in France like BJ’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. Some Frenchies were fortunate enough to tag along with the seniors to participate in the Junior-Senior War. We stayed up till 2 AM on Sunday running around Lafayette and Youngsville hitting, all of the juniors houses. Sadly, on the following Monday, they had to catch their flight back home. All of the French students said that they had an amazing time in America and want to come back soon, which I hope they do.