UL: Seen From Within


The dual enrollment field trip to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette took place on the 6th of September. We took a bus to the UL campus and were able to see the swamp in the middle of campus. At one point in time, the swamp had no water, but it was flooded to provide a beautiful feature to the UL campus. We also toured the nursing program, which has robotic simulators, where the college students are able to practice their nursing skills, such as helping a patient through labor and treating trauma cases. My classmates and I were able to bond over the experience and were exposed to life as a college student. 

This trip was very eye-opening for each of us. All of the students who participated were in either their last or second to last year of high school. Senior Emily Menard said, “This field trip reminded me of the junior trip when our grade toured colleges, and I was surprised by the reality of it being our last year together.” Seeing our names on our UL identification cards made us realize how soon we will be in college. Although we are sad to leave the Ascension campus, I believe most of us are excited to experience different sceneries. 

Most of us were fond of the UL campus. Senior Izzy Nguyen said, “UL has a beautiful campus with amazing curriculums, and I hope to attend next year.” I believe a lot of the students enjoy being in Lafayette because of the home-like feeling. Lafayette has a lot to offer, such as the food, music, and culture. I believe the uniqueness of the city is what draws people to attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.