Sleepy Seniors


Senioritis: a decline in motivation or academic performance that supposedly afflicts some seniors in high school, especially in their last term.

We all know that senioritis is a thing, but for this year’s seniors, it came hard and early in November. Don’t misinterpret us; we are very hard working students, but sometimes my fellow classmates have to rest. As juniors, we were told that senior year would be the easiest, but we were mistaken. Our study and workloads are the most it has ever been, which means more hours outside of school and lack of sleep.

When senior Beverly Richard was asked her opinion with sleeping in class, she responded, “It is really necessary to be able to function for the rest of the day. Everyone to nap sometimes.” Students like to get their work done in their academic classes allowing their free hours and electives, such as AAA, as a time to rest and feel good for the rest of their classes that day. Another student stated, “It doesn’t have to even be long, it can be a 15-minute nap and make my day.” Even senior Ben Tyrrell, who is the most energetic person in the senior class, said, “Because of my busy schedule with extracurriculars, the only time I have to take a nap is in my free hours.”

The senior teachers are preparing us for college and are forcing us to use our time wisely. They give us the hour to work on the assignment for the specific class but they do not force us. We are all forming good time management skills because the teachers tell us to use the hour in each class responsibly. We are realizing that every minute we have is crucial for an assignment or studying. Therefore, if a student notices they need to use their class time as a 50 minute work time and a 10-minute nap to help them get through the rest of their classes, then they usually take full advantage of it.