Senior Privileges for Class of 2019

The semester that the class of 2019 has been waiting for is finally here! The second semester for seniors is filled with many privileges; they are allowed to wear college apparel and leave campus during lunch. Even though these privileges are not the biggest privileges, the seniors are still excited about them because it is one step closer to college. These are great senior privileges, however, there are a few requirements that come along with these exciting advantages.

A senior cannot leave campus for lunch if they have a D or an F; according to Mr. Sorrell, administration will keep an eye on seniors’ grades throughout the semester. Also, a student cannot leave if they have been showing unacceptable behavior recently as well as having five or more tardies. If a senior has good grades and behaves appropriately, the student is allowed to leave for lunch, meaning that they can leave for campus at 12:25 and arrive in their classroom at 12:50. If a senior has AAA before lunch, they can leave campus ten minutes before the bell (12:10); if the student has AAA after lunch, they must be in class no later than 1:00. If seniors fail to follow these rules, this will result in losing their senior privilege. Senior Peyton Price says, “I love leaving campus for lunch because I get to go home for a bit!”

Seniors will be allowed to wear college clothing to school under a few conditions. During weekdays (except Friday), seniors can wear collared college shirts with uniform bottoms. A senior can also wear college sweatshirts but they must also wear either a school or college collared shirt underneath. Another rule is that seniors can wear nice college long sleeved shirts on weekdays and seniors can wear college t-shirts (not collared) on Fridays if they choose to do so. Mr. Sorrell says that if a senior is not following the dress code the privilege will be taken away. Senior Sean-Micheal Brady says this about the college clothing privilege, “I think the college sweatshirts are a great idea!” All in all, Class of 2019 is extremely excited about this new privilege!