New Teachers on the Block: Foreign Language Edition

Beverly Richard, Staff Writer

In this edition of “New Teachers on the Block,” I would like to introduce Ascension’s newest foreign language teachers, Marianne Cheramie and Juan Alvarez.

First up on the stage is Marianne Cheramie. She was born in a town in the mountains of France called Mazamet and went to college in Montpellier, France. She is able to speak French, English, and a little bit of Spanish, while also having taken Latin and Italian classes. Her hobbies outside of school include gardening, yoga, and walking (how sha, I wish she was my teacher). When asked about how she ended up at Ascension, she said she “wanted a new challenge” and that Ascension is “a breeze of fresh air.” Madame Cheramie teaches French I, III, and IV/AP and is a co-sponsor of the International Club.

Next up is Juan Alvarez. He was born in El Paso, Texas and grew up in Canutillo, Texas. In high school, he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and graduated from Albuquerque High School. In addition to English, he speaks Spanish and is currently learning French. Before he was at Ascension, Señor Alvarez taught at Benton High School near Shreveport. At Ascension, he teaches Spanish III, IV, and AP, and he also is involved with the International Club and is a sponsor for the film club. His hobby is movie making. When asked about his hobby he said, “I not only enjoy telling a story through film, but the entire process from writing the script to post production.” Señor Alvarez still has to use GPS to find his way around here, but is very happy to be at Ascension.

The foreign language department got two good ones this year. Every student I’ve talked to loves Madame Cheramie and Señior Alvarez. Senior Kaitlyn Young says, “yeah I love them, they’re super sweet and chill.” Ascension is constantly growing, gaining new teachers every year like these that are a refreshing breed of culture and super sweet human beings.