Games of Acadiana


picture taken by: Mrs. Bourque

Games of Acadiana is an event in Acadiana Parish that holds a special place in the heart of Ascension Episcopal School. Games of Acadiana is an event planned for cancer patients to cheer them on throughout their hard journey. This event was started in 2001 by the Perret family. It holds a special place in Ascension’s heart because the Perret’s son, Miles, attended our school.

Miles Perret was diagnosed with cancer and later passed away. His parents created this event to honor their son and help other children in the same situation. One of the volunteers there said, “Such strong people.. I love it.” Being there watching all of these strong people, seeing what they have been through, and where they are now is an amazing life changing experience.

Cheerleaders from schools all over the 337 gather together to applaud these children and adults on their journey. Ascension is more than grateful to be able to be a part of such a special event. While at the event, the Ascension cheerleaders were asked to help out and cheer for other nonprofits in Lafayette. One of our own cheerleaders who has never been to this event before said, “I have never appreciated any of these events until now. This place is really cool.”