Sweet Celebration!


On Saturday, March 17, the Sophomore girls celebrated their sweet 16. The girls were all beautiful, along with the venue and the delicious catering prepared for the guest. Guest piled in La Marquise, which is where the event was held, to be astonished by the gorgeous displays of images of the girls and Pinterest-worthy decorations everywhere. Upon arrival, everyone took their seats and watched the girls walk down the aisle on their father’s arms to be presented. Afterwards, the girls shared a major “aweeee” moment with a father-daughter dance to “My Girl” by The Temptations, and there was not a dry eye in the house.

With the family festivities coming to an end, the girls dived in on a fabulous three-teir cake and went to town. When the cake was gone, all the parents and family left to let the girls live it up on the dance floor with their peers and classmates. The high schoolers danced the night away and it was definitely one to remember. Piper Blanchard, sweet 16 honoree, said that she had an amazing night and was so glad that she got to participate in such a fun celebration during her first year at Ascension. The sophomores were not the only ones who lived it up, though. Senior Olivia Brown, said ,“Oh yeah, it was a blast and the popcorn bistro was fantastic”.

The girls brightened up the night with all their beautiful smiles and personalities and were truly such a great group of girls to celebrate. With the pink sequin decorated Photo Booth and fun tunes to make you dance until dawn, this sweet 16 was one for the books and will not be forgotten. Congratulations to all the girls who participated on completing a milestone in life you will always remember. Hope 16 treat you all well because you all deserve it!