Ascension Missionaries Take Puerto Rico


Over Mardi Gras break, a fairly large group of students from Ascension (along with a few guests from Our Lady of Wisdom) took a little tropical adventure down to Puerto Rico. The students spent six days working, playing, loving, and traveling. Students who attended this trip, including myself, speak glories of the works of faith and experiences that were encountered on this trip. We may not have been in the boot for Mardi Gras, but we surely did let the good times roll anyway!

The first three days of the trip were spent doing mission work for families, orphanages, and nursing homes that needed helping hands and giving hearts mostly in the city of Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico. Some work was simply spreading the love of the Lord with children in orphanages while playing games and talking, while others scaled the side of a mountain trying to find and repair a well that has been lost in a mudslide. Junior Ann Louise Babineaux said her favorite and most rewarding portion of the mission work was “when we went to an all boys orphanage named Coqui and spent time getting to know the adorable children while playing basketball and praying with them”.

After all the work was done, the missionaries were treated to a day sailing the seas on a catamaran ship, enjoying the captivating sun and cool island breeze. The day was full of snorkeling, laughing, dancing, and relaxation. The next morning they took a trip to the territory’s capital, San Juan. Here they were given time to explore the city, or at least the portions inside Coach Dardar’s safe circle, on their own free time to see what they personally wanted to see.

I just want to express how present Jesus is throughout these trips. Where we see him in each other or the people we served, he was with us the whole way. The people of Puerto Rico were so kind and welcoming and treated us as family and not as strangers, even though we were. This trip is an extremely eye-opening experience to step back and see the world from a completely different perspective and do what Jesus calls us to do: serve other through his love. I cannot stress enough how impacting and spiritually rewarding this trip is and that is why I, along with many others, continue to attend and encourage others to do so too. A mission is such an amazing way to grow closer to God and your peers while serving others and getting to see true works of faith through all the people around you and learn how you can serve others in your daily life. The lessons learned and memories made on these trips last a lifetime and are so unique to the experience. If you are at all interested in attending please ask anyone about their personal experience because it is an opportunity you do not want to miss and I highly recommend experiences.