Unplugged at SMP


On Thursday, February 1st, we will be celebrating our second annual Tech Free Day! This means no phones, no iPads, no laptops, no modern day technology. As a school who centers a good bit of our learning around technology, it’s nice to have a day away from all the screens. Tech Free Day will be celebrated across all three campuses: River Ranch, Downtown, and right here at SMP!

Last year, Tech Free Day was a big success! Although it was definitely weird to spend the day without any technology, we managed to make the most of it. Emmaline Leleux, senior, said “My favorite part about Tech Free Day last year was playing Twister in the library!” Similar to last year’s Tech Free Day, our teachers will come up with class-related activities that don’t require using our iPads or laptops, and there will be games for students to play in the library. Mrs. Delcambre will also have a technology “day care” for your phones if you do choose to bring them.

So how do we prepare for Tech Free Day this year? First, leave all your technology behind! But with no technology and no way to listen to music, online shop, or actually do your school work, you might need something to entertain you during your study hall. Bring a game, a coloring book, or a book to read. The most important thing to remember about Tech Free Day is that technology isn’t everything. We are so caught up in our phones and computers that we forget about face-to-face interaction with the people around us. Even if it’s only for a day, it’s healthy for us to disconnect from the internet and take in all the parts of our daily lives that we miss because our eyes are glued to a screen.