Games of Acadiana: New Year New Games


Grace Darnall, Staff Writer

The new season for cheerleaders has begun, and it’s been a good start. For a new student like me, it’s important to be part of a team to start getting to know the school and everyone in it. This past Saturday, the cheerleaders, both varsity and junior varsity, went to Miles Perret Games of Acadiana to cheer for the cancer survivors. A few schools sent their spirit squads to make the survivors feel welcomed and supported. As each person passed by us, we cheered, and they had big smiles, which was a joy to watch. Ascension had a few cheerleaders who stayed and volunteered after the opening ceremonies. Lauren Franques is one who got a chance to talk to the Board of the Miles Perret Games of Acadiana about a new game.

Lauren Franques came up with the game “Great Topping Race”. The goal of this game is to match the toppings on your pizza to the toppings on the display board. It’s a race against your friends to see who can put their matching pizza in the oven first. Her mother told her there should be a game sponsored by Pizza Hut, and Lauren came up with this unique game. Franques brainstormed, revised, and created the game that was played this past Saturday. She presented her idea to the Miles Perret board, and she was thankful for the positive response. They helped her get all the game pieces made. Pizza Hut has not sponsored a game in a while, so hopefully this is a game that could stick around for years.

Isabella Cumberland was with Franques all day helping move around toppings and whatever else is needed. Jillian Blackburn stopped by to help in the morning. When asked about the impact this day gave her, Franques said, “I am so amazed by survivors of cancer. For us, we think about it once a year for Games of Acadiana, but people live it everyday. For me, it is a joy to be able to volunteer next to such inspiring people.” She mentioned how she teared up as a survivor walked by her. Each time a survivor walked by and smiled, their strength was undeniable. The last thing Franques said was, “It’s heartbreaking seeing little kids with survivor shirts on, but empowering to know the effect the games have.” She, along with many other cheerleaders and people in the community, gave back by showing up and cheering or playing the games for the survivors. It was a touching experience that should continue to grow stronger as our community works together to continue Games of Acadiana.