Back to School Germ Fest


Erin McFaul, Staff Writer

We are now into the second full week of school and to most this means more stress, late nights, and much less free time. Going back to school is great and all, until you start to come into contact with many, many germs. These sort of germs found everywhere. The next thing you know, you’re sitting in your math class with 7 people missing and a teacher’s inbox full of emails from students explaining which illness put them in bed for the week.

Right now about a quarter of the student body doesn’t exactly feel well. A fellow student (and friend of mine) Caroline Adroin, came to school today sick as a dog. She ended up leaving school to go to the doctor and she got some terrible news when she tested positive for both strep and the flu. I asked her to explain her symptoms to me and all she could say was “I feel like death.” Ouch.

This sends teachers into panic mode, because students missing class is honestly a pain in the butt for everyone. One of my own teachers, Mrs. Lobello, pleaded with and asking us “please don’t kiss one another right now, and also please, please, please do not share drinks!” The worst part of this whole debacle is that most of the illnesses going on are not just common colds. Students have been taken by the flu, strep, and mono right and left. Sports teams are having a hard time practicing because the lack of members.

So all-in-all, please keep yourself healthy. I don’t mean to go all Meredith Grey on you, but please wash your hands. Don’t come to school if you feel like you are dying, and if you feel inclined to take a Vitamin C, do it. Just don’t get sick and we will get over this back to school germ fest.