New Teacher Spotlight: Part I


This year at Ascension, we have welcomed four new faculty members! This article will be a spotlight on two of them, Reverend Lauren Larkin and Mrs. Amina Saidou. We are extremely excited to see what fantastic things these new faculty members have in store for our school!

Reverend Lauren Larkin was ordained this year on January 30, 2017. Her favorite part about Ascension is the attitude and work ethic of the students. When asked why she came to Ascension, she said it “overall was a fantastic fit for my gifts and calling”. This job was the perfect job. She is given the ability to be in the classroom, which is especially important to her because Reverend Larkin actually wanted to be a college professor. Therefore, at Ascension, she gets to teach Theology and assist in the church, which is the dream job for her!

The new French teacher, Mrs. Saidou, is from Niger in Africa. She has been teaching since 1990, which comes to a whooping totally 27 years in the classroom! She was previously a professor at University of Louisiana. Mrs. Saidou came to Ascension because one day a group of Ascension students took a trip to ULL, and she was astounded by how great the behavior of the students was. Therefore, she chose to teach at Ascension so that she could be a part of teaching the wonderful students she saw. She is most excited to her students grow and learn in the culture and language of French!