Music Reform ?


Meghan Hartman, Staff Writer

Our school does something unique by using music instead of bells in between classes. This is something that used to be well-loved by the students, but for the past couple of years, it has been dreaded by many.

Last year, it was decided that one prefect would be in charge of the transition music, and they would randomly pull student suggestions out of a box. As a lover of music, I have submitted many song suggestions since last year; however, unfortunately, none of the songs I have suggested have ever been chosen, leading me to suspect that the people who control the music choose the songs themselves or use their friends’ suggestions.

Luckily, a special group of students at Ascension will not put up with this any longer. Today a petition was started by John Verzwyvelt and Josh Hebert in an effort to reform the transition music selection and actually give the students a say in what music is played. Ideally, students will be able to submit song suggestions that will actually be selected. This feature of our school is meant to make the students’ days better, not to make them miserable.

Within one hour, the petition obtained close to 50 signatures, and by the end of the day the prefect in charge of the music sent out a poll to the entire student body regarding song suggestions.