Meet Our Newest College Commit — Kirsten Landry!


We have yet another college commit among us people! On November 9, 2016 Senior Kirsten Landry signed with LSU for track and field.

Kirsten has been running since the beginning of sixth grade. Wow! Thats a lot of running…”Running is my passion and I knew it was something that I wanted to work hard for. My goal has always been to earn a running scholarship and compete at the next level so that is what really drove me to wanting to push myself so I could make those times.” Landry states, when asked why she became a hardcore runner. Most people know that Kirsten loves running more than anything, but when asked why she says “I love that running makes me feel free and it’s like an adventure and challenge.” Her best 3 mile time is 17:44 and her best 5k is 18:43. You go girl!

LSU has always been at the top of Kirsten’s list for colleges because its close to home and they have so much to offer through academics and athletics. Kirsten also says “I also love how much school spirit all of the students have, especially at sporting events.” She says that she is looking forward to everything at LSU. “The environment there is like no where else,” Landry says. “On my official visit, I had the opportunity of meeting and hanging around with the team, and I loved the team spirit, so that is what I am most looking forward to: being a part of the running team.” But of course we had to know what her favorite pump up song is…”Wow that’s a hard one,” she says, “I don’t really have a specific favorite running song but I like to listen to dance and pop music when I am running. If I had to pick, I like a lot of Calvin Harris’s songs but actually, before a meet, I listen to slower relaxed music to help calm my nerves.”

Kirsten’s got a bright future ahead of her, and we cant wait to see what amazing things she accomplishes at LSU!