Community Service Day


Photo via Project Front Yard’s Facebook

This past Friday on September 23, 2016, Ascension had it’s first community service day of the year! On Friday, members from each grade got out in the community to make a difference in people’s lives. The Freshman went to St. Joseph’s Diner to hand out free meals to those who are homeless or have no access to food. The diner can only take 10 students at a time so half went to help with breakfast and the rest went to help with lunch. The Sophomores went to the Camelot of Broussard nursing home to visit to the elderly and play bingo with them. Some of the people there are alone all day so students were able to share a smile with them and make their day.

The Juniors took part in Project Front Yard to help with the medians on Louisiana Ave. They helped by weeding and adding mulch to all the beds. KLFY news station even showed up on site to video the students helping out and interviewed a couple teachers and students. Alexis Cortez said, ““By beautifying the community, it welcomes more people to what a beautiful culture we have,” Lastly, the Seniors went help with Habitat for Humanity. Their mission is to help build houses for needy people. With the big flood occurring earlier in the school year, there are plenty of people that need help tearing down their damaged homes and starting over. Our school’s statement this year is “Project Kindness” and so far we are off to a great start with many more service days coming up soon.

Check out the Project Front Yard article on KLFY here.