Youngsville Expanding


Photo courtesy of Sugar Mill Pond Facebook

Maddie Blackstone, Staff Writer

The city of Youngsville, especially the Sugar Mill Pond neighborhood, is constantly expanding and making improvements. It started off as sugar cane and cattle farms and now there are tons of houses, restaurants, and shops popping up every where. Youngsville is now known as the happiest place to live, work, and raise a family. Also is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. According to their website and calendar, Sugar Mill Pond has even started a Youngsville Farmers and Artisans market. In addition to this they have a monthly event called Sugar Jam with live music, dancing, and food. Along with Sugar Jam, they have people from Backpacker, a local outdoor sports store, come out and do demos in the pond with kayaks that they are selling. Lastly, there is a fairly new set of new shops in the area, complete with a yoga studio and pottery studio that is called the Waterview. All these events and expansions are bring more people to Youngsville and allowing it to grow even more.

Near our campus there are many amazing shops and restaurants that are already here and many more that are upcoming. Obviously, everyone loves food and luckily our school has so many places right next to us. In the morning, you can go to Hot Donuts and Kolaches, Planet Nutrition, and Race Track. After school, there is Sonic, Rotollo’s, Rouses, Twins, Hot Dog Stop, Peking Garden’s, Ye’s Cafe, and McDonald’s, and Crawfish Boss. Right next to Ascension, there is the Metaire Center, which already has a couple buildings and is currently working on the 5th. Building 5 is home to the new Agave, a CC’s, All About You Boutique, Apex Training, and even a graphic design place. They also have many healthy places coming to the area such as Fit Blendz which has natural smoothies, coffee, and sandwiches. There are even more businesses on there way and there will be greater expansions in Youngsville’s future. We can’t wait to see what additions there will be to our community and to watch it grow alongside our school!!