The Thousand Year Flood


Elizabeth Lee, Editor

As we all know, South Louisiana just recently endured what some would call a “thousand year flood”. With unexpected rain beginning on Friday morning (August 12) and truly not coming to an end until Sunday afternoon (August 14), we received much more rain then ever before. Lafayette alone got about 20-25 inches of rain, causing the Vermillion River to rise a large amount and rise very quickly. Because of the rise of the river, homes on and near the river began to flood. Thousands of people had to be evacuated, and some even rescued by boat to get out of their flooded homes. On Monday (August 15) when the rain had ceased, people began to pick up and begin the process of fixing their homes, but not without the help of our fabulous community.

All schools in Lafayette Parish were cancelled for the entire week of August 15 – August 19, and so many students helped out victims of the flood. The Ascension family was especially essential in helping people whose homes flooded. Tons of SMP students went out to homes across Acadiana throughout the week and helped move furniture, rip out sheet rock, pull up floors, and many other duties. Among the Ascension families affected were the Burgess’s and Ms. Ardoin.

Ascension Junior Alison Burgess said, “I am so grateful for everyone who came out to help, at one point I think I had 3 coaches and 20 girls at my house, and I have never felt so blessed. I had so many people texting me to make sure I had enough help, and I would even tell people we didn’t need any, and they would show up and get so much done. Everyone was so willing to do the hard stuff they’ve need tried before and without them we couldn’t have started the rebuilding so quickly.”

Ms. Ardoin said, “At one point, we had 20 people in our homes, swinging hammers and pulling out insulation. My mom was amazed that everyone from our principal to coworkers who only have known me for a week stopped by and helped. The only thing that has helped me make sense of all of this disaster is the gratitude I feel when I think of each person who called me, stopped by my front door, or helped me rip out drywall.”

I know those affected by the #floodof16 appreciate all the service and hard work that each and every person did for them and with them. Great job to the Blue Gator family for continuing to show our support and love to those in need.