Students Compete to Make Change


With the end of the third quarter approaching fast, students will do whatever they can to get their grades where they need it to be. This can even mean donating more than $600.

Miles Perret Cancer Services is a place for those who are surviving and fighting cancer. Miles Perret provides emotional support, guidance, programs, and resources. Every year, Ascension encourages students to toss some loose pocket change into the Change for Miles jars around campus to donate to the organization. This year, students went above and beyond.

In Mrs. Lad’s most recent attempt to get students motivated to raise money to give to Miles Perret, she offered 10 bonus points to the class that brought in the most money. Junior Abed Balbeisi in Mrs. Lad’s English III class, explained how it all began.

“I really didn’t even know about the bonus points. But soon after realizing how many points it was worth, I was ready for a friendly competition with the other class.”

He explained that his huge five gallon tank of quarters would finally come into good use. Abed played somewhat of a leader of his class meanwhile Thomas Ashy acted as the leader for his English III Honors class.

“My quiz card looked like death,” said Junior Thomas Ashy. “I needed those points, and all the money was going to a great cause. After realizing how into it Abed was, I was ready to bring it.”

“Mark and I didn’t think twice about donating the money because we knew it was all going to a good place,” said Abed “And then Thomas got cocky, which might’ve influenced me to donate even more.”

English III Honors class with only nine students, raised $350.39, and the English III class with 17 students, raised $661.98.

“I had to give it to both classes. They both worked harder than I thought,” said Mrs. Lad, the one behind it all. She even bumped up the offer to 15 bonus points when she noticed the students incredible effort.