What’s Up with the Peace Club?

Whats Up with the Peace Club?

This year, many new clubs have come onto the scene at the SMP campus. The Chess Club, French National Honor Society, English National Honor Society, and Smiles for Fighters are just a few to name. Recently, sophomores Sydney Bigelow and Anna Breaux decided to form a new club known as the Peace Club.

Sydney and Anna recently decided to form a peace club because they are, “…Tired of all the hate. The world needs improvement, and we want to take the initiative and do everything we can to help our planet, whether it be donating money to those affected by war, getting recycling program started again, planting trees, or bring food to those who need it.”

These two girls are also involved in other clubs such as Students Advocating Gender Equality (SAGE), Outdoor Excursion Club, and International Club. Anna and Sydney are both interested in making this world a better place and “want to establish a group of students who care about the environment and all humans.”

This year the Peace Club will be taking on the task of raising money and shopping for the annual Christmas drive. This Christmas drive helps to provide gifts for local Youngsville families. To help raise money for this great cause the Peace Club held a Pay to Dress day, in which students can pay $5 to wear free dress instead of a uniform. This past Wednesday the Peace Club raised over $400.

The age range for the families that the Peace Club will be providing presents for is 5-13. The Peace Club is still accepting donations, and students and teachers are welcome to bring unopened toys to school.  Donating small amounts of money to help purchase toys could be the difference in a child not having and having toys to open on Christmas morning. Anna and Sydney will be shopping for these families this weekend and will distribute the wrapped presents after exams are over.

The Peace Club’s Mission Statement clearly exemplifies the great work and goals Sydney Bigelow and Anna Breaux want to accomplish.

“The Peace Club is committed to advocating peace throughout our community. We will encourage disarmament through peaceful and international cooperation, promote nonviolent solutions to world conflict, and educate on social justice. We will do our best to improve the loves of those around us. The peace club will strive to promote environment awareness, promote human and animal rights, and bring about a more peaceful world for future generations.”