New Students Adjust to Ascension

New Students Adjust to Ascension

Anna Breaux, Chloe Landry, and Laurel Guidry are among two dozen new students at SMP this year.

AES is growing more and more every year. This year, there are 24 new students walking the halls. Being at a new school with people you don’t know is hard, but the teachers and students at Ascension try to make it as easy as possible.

According to Ms. Fournet, Ascension strongly suggests participating in school clubs and teams to help new students make friends and get to know each other. It’s good for new kids to join a club or sport because you can get to know people before school even starts, and it makes the start of school a lot easier.

Freshman Laurel Guidry, a new student, is participating in soccer, track and field, and is a member of the Gator Jazz Dance team. Also, Sophomore William Killeen is on the football team.

Being a new student can be scary, but eighth grader Chloe Landry said its “very fun and exciting.”

“I like being in a new place,” said Sophomore Anna Breaux.

New students are also quick to notice what makes AES different.

“It’s much smaller than my old school,” said Anna.

With the school being smaller, the teachers can pay more attention to each student.

“There is a lot more freedom” says Sophomore William Killeen.

To many new students, Ascension seems a lot more laid back than other private schools. According to this new student, the teachers care more about their students and are a lot nicer.