Room to Grow: SMP Plans Renovations for Next Year


With the growing population here at Ascension, renovations are in order to create more space and a better learning environment for the students. They will start this summer after school ends and will hopefully be finished by the start of school in the Fall of 2014.

Areas that are being renovated are the science classrooms, both nook areas, part of the library, teacher cubicles (both upstairs and downstairs), the computer labs, and student common areas.

Science classrooms are being redone to provide innovative science labs. Due to the growing demand for art classes, the upstairs teacher cubicles will be converted into an art studio.

According to Mrs. Arabie, technology work spaces for both teachers and students is also needed. The primary purpose for the renovations is to improve the facilities to maximize the school’s ability to provide quality education. Renovations will also allow AES to offer more classes and refine the student common areas.

In addition to creating new spaces for learning, more teachers will also come with the new and improved Sugar Mill Pond campus.

“This is an exciting time for students and teachers!” said Interim Director Stella Arabie.

Science teacher Chad Case is excited to start his sixth year with laboratories, running water, gas hook ups, storage, tables, and a vent hood.

“The science wing of SMP will be completely revamped and it is extremely unlikely you will be able to recognize these classrooms when classes resume in August! –Go Gator Science!” said Mr. Case.

“I cannot wait for the next school year to begin!” exclaimed Mrs. Frick.

According to Mr. Case, four new labs will be installed with a separate store room, and each student lab will also be equipped with water and gas access. These facilities will allow the school to offer more courses including the new AP Chemistry class next year.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this new stage on our SMP campus and look forward to expanding!” said Mrs. Guidry, the school’s art teacher.

The new floor plan is a creative atmosphere for learning and producing artistic expression. The visual arts  studio will allow the space for more than one teacher, keeping up with the demands of our growing student body.