The Daily Life of Emily Daly

The Daily Life of Emily Daly

While most students at AES were locking themselves in their rooms and burying their noses deep into textbooks for midterms, Emily Daly was in Stockholm, Sweden.

Each year the Nobel Prize Awards take in Stockholm Sweden to honor the Noble Award nominees, more specifically known as Laureates in five areas; Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Medicine, Economic Sciences, and the Peace Prize.  These Laureates are nominated by a committee that consists of Stockholm teachers. Emily was given the honor of an invitation to attend this prestigous award ceremony.

Before the awards are giving, each nominee or Laureates gives a lecture on the topic that he or she has done extensive research on and has made a life-changing discovery or observation in their subject. Emily and her mother tried to attend every single one of these lectures. These lectures took place at Stockholm University, and the award ceremony took place at Stockholm Town Hall.

“It was amazing to see how passionate the Laureates were about their work! In the Economic Sciences, it was all males who won an award, every single one of them thanked their wives and families for being patient throughout all their hard work and research and for never giving up on them. It was all very sweet and surprisingly normal” Emily stated. “Another amazing thing I saw was the list of people that helped each nominee accomplish their goals. One guy was taught by Watson and Crick a Cambridge University!”

Emily stated, “One of my favorites about visiting Stockholm was going to see the Noble Awards Museum, which had a list of everyone who’s ever won a Noble Award. It also had Einstein’s notebooks and Watson and Cricks first DNA model!”

Besides just socializing with smart people all day, Emily also toured the town of Skansen which is located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm. “There my mom and I took an outdoor tour which went up a mountain and gave the history of Scandinavia. It was really cold, but a very cool experience at the same time!”

Don’t worry guys, Emily took three of her midterms before she even left for Sweden.