Red Ribbon Week Reinforces Positive Message


October has been a month full of activities for Ascension. In addition to observing Homecoming Week and breast cancer awareness month, this week is Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a week dedicated to drug and alcohol prevention. Ascension’s SADD club, or Students Against Destrusctive Decisions, have been working very hard to make sure this week offers meaningful reminders to students.

Every day this week SADD has had a fun activity that also involves drug and alcohol awareness.

On Tuesday SADD members handed out red ribbons to pin on students shirt in honor of Red Ribbon Week.

Wednesday’s agenda was “Say no to drugs; say yes to tacos.” SADD made a video and showed it during chapel discouraging drug and alcohol abuse. They also served free tacos after chapel and handed out red wristbands stating “Say no to drugs; say yes to tacos.”

Thursday’s theme was “Pop Mints, not Molly”. ¬†SADD handed out LifeSaver Mints after chapel.

Around the school on every class door there are red pieces of paper that state, “Think about it”. SADD has also made multiple poster with sayings that discourage drug and alcohol use. The students in SADD have also made a large chain paper heart located in the nook, saying “Don’t break the chain of life.”

” I think that Red Ribbon Week is a great idea,” said Junior Juliet Mills. “All students, no matter which age, should be aware of drug and alcohol abuse, and the SADD club is doing a great job!”

When SADD President Emily Duplechain was asked about red ribbon week she stated, ” I think this week went very well. SADD members have worked hard and have had many creative ideas for this week. I really hope that all students have learned from this week!”