Students Anticipate Permission to Upgrade to iOS 7


The new talk around Ascension Episcopal School is Apple’s new update, iOS 7. Not only do many of the students have iPhones, but all have iPads issued by the school. So the big question is “Will we be able to update and when?”.

Josh Carlson, Ascension’s IT Director, said that the school is testing how well it will work to make sure the apps all continue working properly.

“We hope to have this done soon” said Mr. Carlson.

Another popular question is if the school will make everyone update or will it be the student’s choice.

“We are still considering both options,” Mr. Carlson explained.

The new update completely recreates and enhances the interface of the devices. The purpose was to create an experience that was simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable for the user.

So how does the school test whether this will work or not? To solve this problem, the school has allowed sophomore Hallie Musso to download the new update and see how it works. Her experience will inform the school on whether it will be a smart idea to allow everyone to get it or not.

So far, Hallie said that she loves the new update.

“It is my favorite update yet because it’s just so different and unusual from what it has been for years,” said Hallie.

To her, the main change is the look of the apps. One of the schools concern is that the apps won’t work the same, but Hallie dismissed this concern, saying that nothing has been changed or deleted.

Mr. Carlson said that iOS 7 slows down the device a little bit, but Hallie has not noticed a slow-down.

“I Feel like it operates the same, just a different look.”

Battery life has not been an issue.  In fact, with her old iPad operating system starting at 100 percent in the morning, she would end with around 70 percent. However, with iOS 7 she now ends the day around 89 percent!

Lastly, she dislikes setting her wallpaper because it is more difficult, but in general she loves the “new look and feel of it all.”