Juniors Shop College Options at NACAC Fair


On Wednesday, October 10th, the junior class had the opportunity to visit the National Association for College Admission Councling (NACAC) College Fair in Baton Rouge.

At the convention, students got a chance to meet with representatives from more than 80 different colleges from all over the south, such as the University of Alabama, Hendrix College, George Washington University, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and even states located farther out like Penn State University, Wofford College, TCU, and many more. It’s a great opportunity for students to visit with people from different colleges to help choose which colleges they would like to look at and apply to in the rearing future.

“It was such an excellent and unique experience to be able to meet with so many different representatives from schools all around the country, all at the same time,” said Junior André  Guidry.  “It definitely gave me a great bit of information of all of the various colleges I am considering, and it even introduced some new ones to me that could possibly be some of my top choices. Talking with so many advocates about the details of the school really sets in a feeling of the future being now.”

At the fair, other important resources were available to students including workshops about TOPS, ACT and SAT Strategies, A Guide to Finding Scholarships, How to Choose a College Major, and NCAA Compliance. There’s also a resource center on site with counselors present if anyone would like to talk about their personal college plans.

Visiting the college fair, several students said that they had a great time and thought it had a lot of potential to get the junior class excited (or nervous) about their futures in college. Some found all of the representatives extremely attentive and ready to help with any questions or concerns juniors had about their college choices. One of the representatives even offered advice for anything from choosing a major, to singling out choice colleges, and even just advice about life in general.