Students Shouldn’t Stress over Service Hours


Every year at AES, students are required to complete 15 service hours. Many students think that completing service hours is boring, but actually the job can be fun!

Here are a few examples of some service hour opportunities.

A student can volunteer at the local Children’s Museum, backstage at a play or musical production, babysit for their neighbors, or help with local events. They can also help set up for school dances or another school function.

Juniors Shelbie Andrus and Reagan Benit attended a festival called “Tater Fest”, which takes place in Arkansas.

“At the beginning of the year, Shelbie and I go up and help plant potatoes which is around a two to three hour process,” said Reagan. “Then, during the summer a bunch of my family members and I go and pick the potatoes, while Shelbie and I put them in boxes together. We got four hours of service from doing this. It was really hot, but a fun experience!”

Freshman, Hannah Robideaux worked backstage at a musical over the summer. “I got thirty-five service hours from working on the production Wolves in the Walls,” said Hannah. “It was a really fun way for me to earn service hours!”

Students in National Honor Society can tutor students after school or during their free periods for service hours as well.

At the end of the first quarter, all students in grades nine-12 will receive an email with the number of service hours they have completed. This will help students have an idea of how many they need to complete for the year.

No longer will students need to stress over service hours!