Business Class Receives College Credit

Business Class Receives College Credit

Several AES juniors and seniors started college this semester.

Ms. Luquette’s business class went to UL on Wednesday, Jan. 5 for freshman orientation. The students are receiving college credits for their business course, but they have all of the privileges of any other UL student. During the trip, the students toured the entire UL campus and received actual UL IDs. With these IDs, the students can get discounts to enter baseball games and other activities. They also received three hours of credit for business at UL.

“The trip was awesome! I loved it,” said Senior Jessica Pierce.

Ms. Luquette’s business class is designed for only juniors and seniors. The entire business course consists of accounting, finances, and career building in the area of business.

In the future, business classes will be differentiated by grade. In the class with the juniors, the courses will include accounting, financing, economics, and career builders. In the senior business class, they will learn how to develop businesses and study macroeconomics.  Each course receives college credit.

When asked if these credits can be transferred to another college, Ms. Luquette replied, “These credits are 99 percent transferable.”

By 99 percent transferable, Ms. Luquette means that 99 percent of colleges will accept these business credits. The only colleges or universities that will probably not accept them are highly selective universities like Oxford, Harvard, or Duke. Other than that, students can go to most other college in or out of state with their business credits.