Seniors Prepare For College Application Deadlines


It is now November, and seniors are scrambling to submit their college applications in time for the early decision deadlines.

Applying to colleges can be very stressful if you are not well-organized and informed about the deadlines and requirements for each college. It is also very time consuming, so it is best to start applying as early as possible.

“College applications are very stressful, but I’m excited about what will happen in my future and I’m ready to go to the next level,” said Senior Connor Day.

The senior class as a whole plans to apply to a variety of schools. The most common schools that Louisiana students tend to apply to are UL and LSU, but this class has gone above and beyond and chosen to apply to these schools as well as others all over the nation. In addition to Louisiana schools, AES seniors are applying to Texas schools like Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, and Baylor, and a couple will follow their dreams and apply for art schools like the Savannah College of Art and Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Julliard, and others are sending application to schools in Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, California, Chicago, North Carolina, Virginia, and Colorado to find the best college that is suited for them.

Some students have yet to apply to any schools while others have already been accepted.

“I was really excited to get into University of Tampa because now I have an out-of-state option for college, even if it’s not my first choice,” said Nicole Pilgrim.

Acceptance and scholarship letters have already been received from UL, LSU, University of Tampa, Centenary College, and the Colorado Schools of Mines.

“Students in the Class of 2012 have already received more than $100,000 in scholarships, and that’s just from two schools,” said Ms. Fournet, college counselor.  “Scholarship awards will continue rolling in even as late as the summer, and I know that this class is going to do really well.”

When applying to colleges, it is best to apply to many different schools both in and out of state because when the time comes to choose one in May, a student may have changed his/her mind about what’s best.

Members of the senior class say they are both nervous and excited about leaving and going off to college. It is a big transition, and many will struggle with leaving family and friends behind and also having to be independent in a new place.