Students Travel to the Past at Renaissance Festival

Students Travel to the Past at Renaissance Festival

Some of the AES students and teachers attended the 2011 Texas Renaissance Festival for a second year in a row. This is the Nation’s largest, most acclaimed Renaissance theme park that is opened every Saturday, Sunday, Thanksgiving Friday, and October 8th through November 27th.

This is entertaining festival with a strong Renaissance theme that makes visitors want to dress up like they are from the 16th century. It offers all sorts of food, more than 340 unique shops, fun activities, and more than 200 entertaining plays and shows.

AES students loaded up the bus at 5 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 14 and headed out to Plantersville, Texas for the  festival.

According to English teacher Mrs. Ladmirault, “the trip is ‘sneaky educational,” and the students do not realize all that they learn while there.

“Just to hear the festival workers speak Shakespearean English, the students hear the cadence and this will make my job so much easier as we begin¬†Hamlet,” said Mrs. Lad.

Since it was some of the students second year in a row, they were much more familiar with what shows to see, what shops they liked, and what was expected.

“Last year was better because it was my first time going,” said Junior Davis Brown. Some attractions that he saw were the Dead Bob Show and The Maze, and his favorite part of the trip was the food, of course.

All students came back with many memories to share with the ones who have not gone but hopefully will attend next year.

Anyone interested in going to the Texas Renaissance Festival should visit the website