Lagniappe Learnin’ Day

Lagniappe Learnin Day

On Wednesday the middle school, grades 5th, 6th, and 7th joined 8th grade at the Sugar Mill Pond Campus for a fun day of learning and activities.

The lower grades arrived by the bus-load and began finding their classrooms.  They participated in multi-grade-level classes like Halloween Science with Mrs. Gibson and Acting Up with Mrs. Chance.  Shortly after, the students were guided to chapel, where some of the junior and senior students performed a skit about the importance of not cheating in school.

“This day will allowed the 5th-8th graders to come together as a whole and experience the excellent facilities at Sugar Mill Pond,” said Ms. Juneau. “It is also a way for clubs and organizations to come together in a meeting without using Skype.”

The younger students participated in fun activities and classes throughout the day such as a Geography Bee with Mrs. Matis, Spelling Bee with Mrs. Mouton, and Louisiana Jeopardy Mrs. Lopez.

The students were then guided to lunch and a short break. To finish off the day, students joined in some supervised activity. The students had an option to play flag football in the “pit”, volleyball at the sand court, or kickball on the baseball field.

At around 2:30 students hopped back on the bus to return to the Downtown campus after a day of fun-filled learning. The SMP students were very excited to have younger students on campus and hope they felt right at home.