Juniors Take a Journey Into the College World

Juniors Take a Journey Into the College World

For the fifth year in a row, the junior class will be taking a college tour.

The juniors will all load up in a charter bus and travel around Louisiana and Texas for four days, touring a diverse selection of colleges. The class will spend one night in downtown Austin and then two nights in Fort Worth.

The colleges include Rice, Texas A&M, UT, Southwestern University,  TCU, SMU, Centenary, and LA Tech.

Rice is a relatively small private school in Houston with a great society and a certain bond that everyone has with one another. According to The Princeton ReviewThe Best 373 Colleges, “Everyone at Rice is weird with some talent, oddity, or quirk that would otherwise attract attention in the normal world, but is accepted as totally normal here.”

Texas A&M University is a diverse public school in the small town of College Station. This college is established with many traditions that have an impact on the student life. This university even offers 800 student organizations to join. According to The Princeton Review:The Best 373 Colleges, TAMU offers “the excellence of a great research university filled with many traditions and the warm hospiltality of a safe, small town.”

University of Texas-Austin is a very relaxed public school in Austin with a number of possibilities open to everyone. This college has a huge Greek life that involves most of the students in either a sorority or a fraternity. According to The Princeton Review: The Best 373 Colleges, “Students insist that the University of Texas at Austin has everything you want in a collage: academics, athletics, social life, location, and it’s hard to argue with them.”

Southwestern University is a rigorous private school in Georgetown, Texas. This university offers personal attention with extraordinary teachers who care. According to The Princeton Review: The Best 373 Colleges, “You learn a whole lot and are insanely prepared for whatever you want to do when you leave.”

Texas Christian University is a mid-size private college in Fort Worth, Texas with a well-known sports program. This school is one where academics are very personal, rewarding and very helpful. The students have even insisted on small classroom sizes to keep the professors on a somewhat personal level of learning and teaching. According to The Princeton Review: The Best 373 Colleges, “The school offers many resources such as the library, writing center career venter, student support services, and other educational and personal resources.”  Aside from a wonderful academic base, TCU is also known for its Greek life and its awesome football. “Life at TCU is what you make it.”

Southern Methodist University is a private school in Dallas, Texas. It is mostly known for its business and business-related subjects where students are taught from experienced  teachers. SMU’s Greek life  offers a very strong social program, considering they have 15 fraternities and 13 sororities. Many SMU students say that most privileged people usually attend SMU, bringing their peppy style along with them. According to The Princeton Review, The Best 373 Colleges, “SMU is a place with a little bit of something for just about everyone… preparing its students for success in the professional world and offering a plethora of opportunities for those prudent enough to seek them.”

Centenary College of Louisiana is a small private school in Shreveport. Considering they have less than 1,000 undergraduates annually, they are a small school with much personal attention from the professors academically. Campus life at Centenary is mostly involved in athletics clubs and Greek like. According to The Princeton Review: The Best 373 Colleges, “The small size of the student body gives students the opportunity to receive individual attention in class, be involved in any organizations and hold leadership positions outside of class.”

LA Tech is a public university located in Ruston, LA. They are known for their private-like atmosphere with a public school price. The university and its caring faculty are very persistent on challenging their students and enhancing their learning. “The diversity of the Louisiana Tech campus community offers opportunities for new and diverse experiences”, said biology professor, Joey Terracina.

The journey will start November 15 and the students will be back with many memories on November 18.

“It was a very fun trip, and I was able to bond with the junior class. It was planned out very well and was a good experience,” said Senior Dylan Weger. “It gave me a good understanding of what a public school college is like and what a private school college is like.”