Juniors Take Part in Civic Leadership

Juniors Take Part in Civic Leadership

Lafayette Junior Leadership participants

Nine lucky juniors get to miss school one Monday a month.

Andrew Butcher, Cody Chalmers, Dusty Chalmers, Connor Day, Noelle Delhomme, Myles Lee, Erin Patin, Nicole Pilgrim, and Caroline Rhoades are participants in Lafayette Junior Leadership, an organization to help high school students learn the fundamentals of leadership.  Lafayette Junior Leadership is sponsored by The Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Jay Culotta.

“Last year, I heard people talking about getting involved in Lafayette Junior Leadership, and I thought it would be a great experience,” said Junior Noelle Delhomme.  “My dad was in Lafayette Junior Leadership when he was in high school, so he also inspired me to apply for the program.”

On Monday, October 26, the students participating in Lafayette Junior Leadership met for the fourth time this year.  They visited the UL nursing school where they had their blood sugar levels checked and watched a simulated birth.

“It was disgusting!” said Junior Myles Lee.

Throughout the year, the juniors will continue to learn many different leadership responsibilities and leadership skills.

“Each time we meet at a different location to learn various skills on how to be a leader and how to make a better community,’ said Junior Erin Patin.  “We also take tours of different places.”

At their next meeting, the juniors will be visiting the city jail.

When Noelle was asked if she recommended Lafayette Junior Leadership for future juniors, she said, “Absolutely! I am already having a great time, and we have only met four times! I think it is going to be a great experience, and I believe that I am going to learn many new skills.”

Students across the city apply to participate at the end of their sophomore year.