A Visit From the Downtown Campus

A Visit From the Downtown Campus

All of middle school had the opportunity to learn and have fun at the SMP campus.

Wednesday, October 6, the fifth through seventh grades from the AES downtown campus came to visit the AES Upper School.

The students came to check it out and see what life is like out here.  It was a great opportunity for all of the middle school students to gather together, since the eighth grade is no longer at the downtown campus.

“SMP is the nicest  high school anyone could ask for,” said Isabel Hinds, a seventh grader, after visiting the AES Upper School.  “We are so blessed!  I can’t wait to go there.”

While the fifth through seventh graders were here, they all went to specialty classes with the eighth graders. Some of the classes included Halloween Science, Cereal, Cereal Everywhere, Physics Phun, Math in Sports, and Creative Problem Solving.

In these classes, students worked on different projects and did many hands on activities.  They even made iridescent goo with Mrs. Gibson and performed improvisational skits with Miss Leblanc.

The morning also allowed middle school student organizations to meet.  The middle school student council held a meeting in the library loft, and the seventh and eighth grade Quiz Bowl teams held practice matches in the library.

“Everything was fun at SMP because of the open area,” said Mark Hodge, a seventh grader.  “We had an awesome break, and there was even a Coke machine with Gatorade.”