Students Mix It Up with New Schedule

How many times have you gone to the wrong classroom for one of your classes this year? A few? More than a few?

Well, that is most likely because of the new schedule that started this year. With the constant switching of classes, both students and teachers are bound to get confused. Students also do not have to go to classes until 8:30 AM and are dismissed at 3:40 PM. The way we get to classes has also been livened up with instrumental music for four minutes.

So what do students think about all these changes? There are many opinions about the changes; some love it while others have mixed feelings.

“Overall, I like the new schedule! I love having an extra hour of sleep in the morning,” said Senior Lauren Graham. “Although, I do end up staying up later because I don’t have as much time in the afternoons.”

Sophomore Michael Trahan has the same opinion, but he also misses “…seeing the sun rise every morning.”

Sophomore Hannah Bennett absolutely loves the new schedule and does not think it should be changed. The most comical response came from Sophomore Will Boland.

“I miss the old days of waking up at about five in the morning when its dark out, reading the newspaper, giving the dog the biscuit,” lamented Will.¬† “It’s not the same when I wake up and it’s light out. It saddens me.”

These are just a few voices of students that have spoken up about the new schedule. If you want to let us know what you think or have any suggestions about the new changes, please leave a comment. Who knows, maybe what you say will have an impact on how our school runs from day to day!