Students Spend Summer on Foreign Shores

Students Spend Summer on Foreign Shores

AES students and teachers embark on exciting adventures.

Many Ascension students traveled all around the globe this summer.

Nicole Pilgrim visited Roatan, Honduras this summer, which is home to a dolphin sanctuary.  She went scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and horseback riding.

“The most culturally different thing I experienced was the Garifuna Island dancers.  We had to get up and dance with them too,” said Nicole.

Her favorite part of the trip was scuba diving, and she said the luau was hilarious.

She went on this trip with many other Ascension students such as Ryan Gambel, Emma Stolzenthaler, Patrick Bean, and Sydney Renard.  Mrs. Renard, Sydney’s mom, chaperoned the group.

“I loved this trip, and I would probably go back.  I definitely recommend this trip for others because it was a great and different experience.”

Jerome Romagosa traveled to England this summer.  The main focus of his trip was to study at Cambridge University for three weeks.  While he was there, he visited other parts of England such as London and Stonehenge.

“I really enjoyed playing in the battle of the bands, taking a cosmology class, hanging out with the people I met there, and going into London,” said Jerome.

He said that he met a lot of new people there and made some really cool friends from England and the United States.

“I did not go with anyone I knew from before the trip, but I stayed with the other kids on the study program,” said Jerome.

Jerome might go back next year, and he definitely recommends this trip for any other students who may be interested in studying at Cambridge University.

Rachelle Mosing went on a fabulous trip to Italy this summer.   With the rest of the group, Rachelle started in the North in Assisi, and made her way to Florence, Rome, Sorrento, and many other places.

“Everything was extremely expensive.  We had to pay to use the restroom,” said Rachelle.  “They were very narrow and small.  Also, there was no air conditioner in some of the hotels.”

She went on this trip with Ascension Episcopal School and EF Tours.  Several middle school students and members of the faculty went as well.

She said that her favorite part about the trip was swimming in the Mediterranean.  “The water was so clear, and there was no seaweed like you see in Destin! We jumped off rocks into the ocean, and we got to see a lot of awesome sea life.”

Rachelle would love to go back, and recommends that everyone else should, too.

Connor Day, like Rachelle Mosing, also went on a tour of Italy this summer with Ascension Episcopal School.  He stayed for 10 days.

“Europe has so many differences, such as clothing and style,” said Connor.  “You can pick out Europeans from tourists just by their clothes.  The Italian language is so cool as well.”

His favorite part about the trip was visiting the Roman Colosseum and Forum.  He also enjoyed walking the streets of Pompeii and swimming in the Mediterranean.

“Our tour guide Gabrielle was really cool and interesting,” said Connor.  “She had all the loudness and excitement of an Italian, but spoke English as well.”

He spent most of his time with his brother and his chaperones, Mrs. Renard and Mrs. Juneau.  He also hung out with some other travelers.

When Connor was asked if he would want to go back, he said, “Fo sho! It was amazing.  It blew my mind that buildings older than our nation are still standing and that you can stand in the same streets that the Roman Emperors and other historical figures walked.”

Tessa Mattke traveled to Brisbane, Australia to play volleyball for a Down Under Sports team.  She spent seven days in Australia and another three in Waikiki, Hawaii.  Tessa said that her American accent caught the attention of Australian locals.

“You’d walk down the street and start talking, and people would stare at you,” said Tessa.  “People would come and talk to you because of your accent.  Everyone was really nice.”

On the trip, Tessa went on a rainforest tour and learned how to throw a boomerang.