Hi. I’m Karen

Hi. Im Karen

Hi. Im Karen.

Lets talk about me

Im rly hot…

Thats pretty much it.

But I know I can cure like all diseases. Like Jesus. But blonde.

And I have shiny hair so that’s a plus.

I LOVE Halloween bc I’m extra hot then

This year I was a mouse and I had a pretty necklace. Everyone was staring at it. It was a pretty necklace.

My best frnds r Regina, Gretchen, and Cady.

Regina’s like super pretty so that makes her cool enough to hang out with me. But she’s pretty mean (foreshadowing!!! I dont know what that means but Gretchen told me to put it down). But I don’t always know it because Im stupid.

I love Gretchen. Like if I were a dude I would totally date her. She is alwys nice to me and corrects my oopsies(but…like…in a nice way). I cant talk to her though cause she spills everything. I like her but…yeah…shes like a really bad friend.

Cady is new. She’s nice to me…but like why is she white? She’s from Africa but she’s white. I just don’t understand.

I don’t understand a lot of things though. So thats not new.

And I guess Im in a show…thats what Cady told me.

That’s cool Im in my own show!!

As you can see im amazing.

This is just a taste of what youll see when you come to see MY show. 

Come see Mean Girls or ur unhot.


P.S. im a hot mouse