The Perks of In-Store Shopping in Lafayette


Many people debate whether or not online shopping is really better than in store shopping. I think that there are benefits to both but in store shopping is definitely more trouble-free. Lafayette has many great options of shopping for whatever you need.

Boutiques: These are great local stores to look for cute outfits for special occasions or simply everyday clothing.
Sweet Caroline
Blu Spero
Herring Stone’s
JuJu’s Boutique
Pink Paparazzi
Places in the Mall: The mall has a great variety of stores for whatever you’re looking for at a range of pricing.
Altar State
Forever 21
H & M
Foot Locker
Sunglass Hut
Makeup: These stores are well known for having a variety of makeup products from different name brands and products.
Goods and Shopping: These places are good for shopping for a variation of things from food to furniture to gifts for whatever you need.
Caroline and Company

People prefer in store shopping because it is more convenient if you don’t know what you are looking for. You are actually able to try on things along with not having to deal with the shipping fee. There is the ability to have a safe check out without having a scam. Lastly, the customer service is able to help you find what you need.