Stresses Of The End Of Senior Year


With only 16 actual school days left (not counting weekends or Easter break), there’s so much going on as we approach the end of senior year. With senior pictures, prom, keeping up with high school, finals, senior crawfish boil, graduation, preparing for college, and the stress of becoming an adult, I would say there’s a lot going on. Trying to “be in the moment” is not easy when there’s 100 things to do. For example, senior pictures might seem easy, but for a girl we need to curl our hair, do our makeup, get our nails and eyebrows done, and tan! And then do it all over again for prom. Finding outfits for all of our events and getting there on time has definitely been the most difficult part. Not to mention not getting wrapped up in all of the senior year festivities and having to actually focus on high school right now. Keeping up with assignments, studying for tests, and trying to attend as many extracurricular activities as possible before we leave is a lot. And with only 16 days left, FINALS are right around the corner. Staying on top of school isn’t easy for seniors. Then, as if this time isn’t already stressful enough, GRADUATION and the stress of leaving your family in the next couple of months. Not only moving to a different place but leaving all your friends, family, and comfort of your home. I’d say that’s a lot right there. But I’m not done, COLLEGE, preparing rush packets, arranging roommates, and dorms, decorating, and submitting paperwork for college, and taking a 3 hour placement test for scheduling, and attending orientation. So I think I’ve made my point very clear, senior year is stressful.
Seniors, I know this is easier said than done but try your best to enjoy every moment that’s left at Ascension because it’ll be over before you know it!